We created Hera out of a heartfelt need. Starting my own family through surrogacy, I experienced firsthand the frustrations that so many parents and donors feel when trying to take this important step in their lives. It felt risky, expensive, and complicated – especially as a single mother wanting to achieve my family dreams without feeling judged or misunderstood. 


That’s why we created Hera. We firmly believe everyone has the right to have their dreams come true and be connected with individuals they can trust on this life-changing journey – whether they’re an LGBTQ couple, a single parent, or a couple with fertility challenges . 


We strive to empower them by providing the ultimate platform for Parents, Surrogate Mothers, and Donors that encourages authentic connections that enable success stories amidst what often feels like a daunting process. 


We understand how complicated and emotionally draining surrogacy can be for all parties involved.


Hera is a mobile application, provided by Making Baby Connection, which is an exclusive one-stop service for surrogacy and fertility needs. Hera provides a common platform for all Parents, Surrogate Mothers, and Donors to connect. Hera understands the complexities that can come with growing a family in a somewhat “non-traditional” manner and look to make this exciting venture effortless.


Skip all of the third parties and red tape and connect and communicate with your future donor directly. Filter through various traits such as age, ethnicity, height, education, and more, to ensure your donor matches up with your family planning goals and dreams.

Making Baby Connection is an exclusive one-stop-service for your surrogacy and fertility needs. Here at MBC, we understand the complexities that can come with growing your family in a somewhat “non-traditional” manner and look to make this exciting venture effortless for you.

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